5 Ways To Use Vacation Vouchers

Jul 13, 2022

At Destination Motivation, we often explain to home improvement and home services companies how our program is proven to help drive new leads, close more sales, and reduce cancellations. But there are so many other ways that our clients use their vouchers and any of them may be right for you:

  • Reward your staff:  Employees that are rewarded with an incentive trip often experience reduced stress, increased creativity, and boosted confidence. This not only benefits the individual, but also your company because your team members will return to work feeling re-energized and ready to reach their next goals.
  • Attract new customers: Have you considered using Vacation Vouchers in your outbound marketing materials? Advertising a chance to earn a free Vacation is a great way to get people off the fence and picking up the phone. People WANT to travel, but often can’t afford that AND the home improvements you are providing to them. The Vacation Vouchers are a win for everyone!
  • Incentivize referrals: We all know the easiest leads to close are the ones that come from your existing customers. But sometimes your customers need a little push or reminder. Try conducting a referral contest and give people a chance to win a voucher! (Just like we are doing now.)
  • Cross-Sell other products: Vacation Vouchers are a great way to open doors to other products you offer. Install a new AC unit? Offer a voucher if they add a heat pump. Install new windows on a home? Maybe use a voucher to encourage them to get a roof done at the same time. Vouchers provide added value and just enough of an incentive to open up conversations that may not be happening today
  • Celebrate good reviews: There’s no better way to ensure customer loyalty than surprising and delighting a satisfied customer with a Vacation Voucher. While it’s poor form to request a positive review in exchange for a voucher, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding someone after the fact. Trust us – word will get around and reviews will increase across the board (and as you know, with more reviews come more leads!)

The list is literally endless. One of the favorite parts of my job is helping companies brainstorm ways to make the Vacation Vouchers work for them – and I’d love to do the same with you. Feel free to reach out to me and lets find some new ways to help you grow your business!




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