Our Team

With offices around the country, our goal is to provide the ultimate customer experience. Our Team is made up of hard-working passionate people with a desire to add value to you organization. In today’s day and age, balance is important. We work hard, share some laughs, have some fun & build long lasting relationships

Training Program

We offer ongoing training programs to help implement our products and strategies so you can grow. Simply put, your success is our success. We can come to your office or facilitate training over the computer.

We specialize in many different industries bringing tremendous value from best sales & marketing practices. Because we work closely with so many successful companies all around North American, we consistently learn what’s working and what’s not. Our training isn’t just about implementing our products and services, it’s about creating a better selling environment.

Close More Sales

All business owners want to generate more leads and increase sales. The challenge is, there are many companies fighting for the same customers. Our program is proven to multiply leads and close more deals by leveraging the most powerful incentive available vacations. Often, consumers must give up their travel plans when making a large purchase. With the utilization of the vouchers, our clients can provide both and alleviate any compromise.

Vacations are of high perceived value and spark emotion. Our product line consists of the two most popular forms of travel in North America—Cruise & Resort Vouchers. Our travel vouchers were designed to be low cost, but high value, in order to provide your customer with the best and most positive experience. Our clients consistently implement our program to increase leads and create a massive call to action.
Program Benefits:

  • Increase Close Rates
  • Increase Referrals
  • Increase Leads
  • Reduce Cancellation
  • Add More Value
  • Upsell More Jobs
  • Upgrade More Jobs
  • Rehash Strategy
  • Give Your Customers the Ultimate Experience

We will Make Your Sales


To learn more about our program and our proven strategies, please reach out and a representative specializing in your industry will be in touch with you shortly.

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Program Overview

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My Closing Percentage Went Up Dramatically!

This video is by Yetta Rushford, one of the top 10 out of 900 national wide sales reps for Renewal by Andersen. In the video Yetta describes what his initial interpretation of the program was, how he implemented it and how it attributed to his ongoing success

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Our culture here at Destination Motivation believes in giving back to those in need. Each quarter we choose a new project and dedicate time and resources into helping that cause.

Last quarter we dedicated resources to an extremely worthy cause called Mariam’s Fund.  In Pakistan as a result of poverty, some parents sell their children as slaves just to keep from starving to death…