The Power of Consultative Selling: Building Stronger Relationships and Boosting Sales

Aug 16, 2023 •

In the fast-paced world of in-home sales, the traditional approach of sitting in the home and waiting patiently for someone to say “yes”  is losing its effectiveness. Today’s homeowners are more informed and value personalized experiences. This is where consultative selling comes into play. Instead of simply selling, consultative selling focuses on understanding customer needs, building relationships, and providing tailored

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The Ultimate Experience: An American Girl Doll Story

Jul 20, 2023 •

You may be asking, what in the world does an American Girl Doll Store have to do with in-home sales in the home improvement and services industry?  Short answer, EVERYTHING!!!  Follow me on this idea. No matter the vertical in which you compete, competition is now fiercer than ever to win consumer dollars.  Windows/Roofing/Baths/HVAC/Plumbing/Whatever.  Every manufacturer has the greatest product

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What homeowners want from home improvement companies

Jul 17, 2023 •

During the peak-COVID era, people spent more time inside their houses than ever before. Naturally, this led to a boom in the home improvement industry, as consumers not only had more discretionary income (due to a lack of entertainment and travel options) but also could borrow money against their home at historically-low rates.  Now that things have returned to normal

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Our culture here at Destination Motivation believes in giving back to those in need. Each quarter we choose a new project and dedicate time and resources into helping that cause.

This year we are dedicating resources to an extremely worthy cause called The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.