Build Strong Relationships To Enhance Customer Service

Nov 01, 2022

To hear Caitlin Reid describe it, being a “Client Success Account Manager” goes beyond answering calls and checking a few boxes.

“I make connections to build quality relationships with our clients.  Every day, I connect with  them to take voucher orders, schedule meetings, solve problems and speak with their customers,” she says.  All of this builds a strong bond between her and her clients – which is something she helps them take into their own relationship with homeowners.

In the competitive world of home improvement and home services contracting, building strong customer relationships is critical.  “The most important thing to me when approaching clients or customer service is building a strong relationship,” she explains. “Whether this is a connection that will last years, or just a single project, you have to treat every touchpoint as equally important.”

Building that relationship goes beyond just tackling today’s to-do list.  It means creating a personal connection outside of business.  It’s talking about sports, family – any area where you can find common ground.  It’s an added bonus if you can make them laugh!  Building on theis foundation of trust and friendship creates a bond that will last for years.

“The bottom line is that making top dollar is not the most important key to success,” she said.  “They most important thing is making lasting impressions and concrete foundations.  If you do that well, any monetary rewards will definitely follow.”

A good note for all of us in the home improvement and home services business to keep in mind.




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This year we are dedicating resources to an extremely worthy cause called The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.