Close More Deals with Ingage & Destination Motivation

Destination Motivation is excited to welcome Ingage to our partner network. Ingage is a cloud-based presentation software that combines powerful presentations with storytelling. Ingage specializes in the home improvement and home service industries.

Why We Partnered with Ingage:

  • Whether you sell virtually or in-home, Ingage is a game-changer for Home Improvement and Home Services companies.
  • They’ve developed the best online presentation deck in the world, with features designed specifically for contractors.
  • Destination Motivation clients have always looked for a more efficient, effective, and creative way to present their company, products and services to their prospects. Ingage is the solution. We learned through our years of sales training, the better the presentation, the better chance of closing the deal.
  • Ingage allows Destination Motivation clients access to specific slides and resources they can share with customers virtually or at the point of sale to help present the Vacation Vouchers incentive to the homeowner.
  • When presenting the Vacation Vouchers to a homeowner, imagery, strong messaging, and well-crafted storytelling makes all the difference in establishing credibility and value. The Destination Motivation Ingage slides do just that. They help your sales rep tell a story.

Get a demo today and see how Ingage and Destination Motivation can help your sales team close more sales.

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To learn more about our program and our proven strategies, please reach out and a representative specializing in your industry will be in touch with you shortly.

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Last quarter we dedicated resources to an extremely worthy cause called Mariam’s Fund.  In Pakistan as a result of poverty, some parents sell their children as slaves just to keep from starving to death…