How to turn customer satisfaction into revenue

Sep 20, 2022

Turning happy customers into brand ambassadors lifts your bottom line. 

Customer. Satisfaction. Two of the most important words in any business, whose impact can make an extraordinary difference in the outcome of initial and repeat business, referrals, reviews and ultimately, revenue.  How do the two things fit together?  We’ll explain.

Let’s think of creating a customer relationship as if it were speed dating for a moment. The first step is making an initial connection. In speed dating, that may be a profile picture.  But in our world, that’s your outbound marketing. The process of sharing something that sparks interest, and creates a positive and quick impact in order to initiate something, begins from the moment a potential customer is introduced to a business. Whether they are seeing your company on TV, in print, online, over the phone, or in person, first impressions go a long way in determining if a consumer will give you a chance to earn their business, and ultimately, retain it. Relevant, authentic, and clear messaging serves to immediately define who you are as a company, what you do that differentiates you from the rest, and tell a story that elicits an emotional response strong enough to create a call to action. It doesn’t have to be complex, but thoughtful, clear and carefully constructed content matters. When your messaging resonates and customers are calling, you have succeeded at the first step to achieving customer satisfaction. The first date.

Once we have successfully set the first date, the courtship becomes the next important step. Each interaction with the customer and how their experiences with the call center, CSR team, and salesperson are perceived, serve to strengthen the trust and relationship. Thoughtful consideration prior to entering the home, and well executed sales presentations instill confidence, while value adds and propositions (the flowers and chocolates) are further indicators to the prospect of your commitment to their utmost satisfaction. Providing an impressive customer experience is what leads to the next step to the goodnight kiss, or signed deal. 

Providing quality work, being transparent, and responsive to customer questions and concerns is critical, and remembering and following through on promises that were made, further confirms that the customer has made the right choice, and leaves them wanting to take the next steps down the aisle, of becoming a loyal customer.  The culmination of their memorable experiences with your company, leads them to invite all of their family, friends and neighbors to the wedding of referrals and reviews. And that’s how you start turning your new customer into a brand ambassador – generating revenue for your company without you having to spend extra on outbound marketing.  Guess what – you’re building a RELATIONSHIP now!

A company/customer relationship is exactly that. Relationships are built line upon line, experience upon experience, each one working to solidify the next. Much like any personal relationship, every exchange matters. Regardless of the product or service you offer, consistency and communication are key factors, and making the customer feel (note the word feel not think; feelings are authentic and critical to connecting emotionally) that you value them, that they are important to you, and that they matter most, is paramount. Providing a universal, but individualized experience to each customer is a significant determining factor in how far they go with any company. The goal being to get their number to ask for the first date,(set the lead) and have subsequent dates beyond the first, (repeat business) and ultimately tie the knot for a loyal and lifelong customer who refers and recommends you to others.  More revenue comes not only from repeat business, but also from great reviews and referrals.  That’s the kind of win-win relationship we all hope to have in our lives!




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