Meet: Jacob Berger, Director of Business Development

May 05, 2022

What does a Director of Business Development do?

I’ve been with here going on 5 years now and like to think of myself as the person that helps create the lasting memories that people will think about for many years to come. I assist with overseeing our recipients’ bookings and making sure they have a magical experience. Whether they are booking a trip to Florida, Aruba or even a bucket list destination like Mykonos Greece, It’s always exciting to see where someone will travel next!

How does it feel to be part of the DM community? 

We here at DM are like a family and it feels great to be part of a team that genuinely cares so much about one another, but also for our clients and customers. It very refreshing to be part of an organization that works so hard to make sure our customers have the ultimate experience. I love taking away the stress of booking a vacation, and delivering an experience at a fraction of the cost people would pay booking it on their own.  

Why is customer service so important to you personally? 

One of my favorite places to go to is Disneyland. My wife, kids and I usually try and go a few times a year, but not just for the rides and food, but for that magical experience. If you ever been to any Disney property, you know that the people who work there are unlike any other. They are always so helpful, always have a smile on their face, and really seem to love what they do. Here at Destination Motivation, I feel we have a similar culture where everyone really enjoys coming to work and really feel like we are giving back. I want our customers to walk away with the same “Disneyland” experience that I enjoy when they work with us.

Describe the best vacation you’ve ever taken? 

Being a husband and father of 4 kids, vacationing is something we don’t do a lot of, but I would have to say my best vacation was a trip my wife and I took a few years ago to Santa Monica. Caleb Nelson, the CEO at Destination Motivation (and my boss), knew my wife and I rarely get a vacation and never get time away from the kids, so he took it up himself to book a DREAM vacation just for the two of us. He asked me about what I like and he took care of everything. I told him I absolutely love the beach and Santa Monica is by far my favorite. He booked us a stay at The Proper, which at the time had just opened near the beach. The property was amazing! When I first stepped into my room, I couldn’t believe how inviting it was. My favorite spot at the resort was the rooftop lounge and bar. You could literally see the whole city as well as the beach. We spent many hours just out there enjoying the beautiful lights of the city and this was by far my favorite vacation and one I will remember and cherish for my whole life. Thanks boss!

Where did you grow up, and what’s your favorite thing about your hometown? 

I was born in Mandan, North Dakota, but pretty much grew up in California. One thing I miss about North Dakota is the snow. Being a kid during the winter months in North Dakota was like being a in a winter wonderland. We would find ourselves building igloos, having snowball fights, sledding or as Olaf says “building a snowman.” 

What’s the best thing you’ve done to help a customer or client at Destination Motivation? 

It’s hard to pick just one as I have helped so many customers to book anniversary trips, honeymoon vacations, and family get togethers. But I do recall one where I had a customer who was scheduled to be married in the fall. With the upcoming wedding money was tight. They had Hawaii on their bucket list, but didn’t think it was an option as they figured they wouldn’t be able to afford it. They received a vacation voucher after having some work done to their home and I spoke with them and helped to book them a beautiful property right on the beach. They could literally see the ocean from their suite. I felt so happy to know that our program was able to help them to be able to take that once in a lifetime trip and that I was able to help them to book it. 




Our culture here at Destination Motivation believes in giving back to those in need. Each quarter we choose a new project and dedicate time and resources into helping that cause.

This year we are dedicating resources to an extremely worthy cause called The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.