The secrets to great hiring!

Oct 04, 2022

We hope you had a chance to join us last week to hear Dustin Rhoades from Dreamstyle share the secrets to hiring great people, which he encapsulates in his new book “Dumb Tax: Find Your Why for Hiring”. But if you missed it, we’re presenting the full replay here.

Here’s a short excerpt of one of the high-points of the 30-minute conversation he and Caleb had:

Caleb:  Most companies have a hiring process. They have a checklist, they have psychological tests, role playing techniques. Yet, they still experience high turnover or lackluster results.  How have you changed that?

Dustin:  I probably made the same mistakes a lot people made.  And one of the biggest things was that I tried to find the “heavy hitters”.  If I could just get one more of this guy, two more of that guy, three more of this – it would change my whole business, right?  So I did what a lot of people do – I used DISC profiles, Briggs-Meyer assessments, whatever.  Find the specific trait that I thought I needed to find the right candidate.

But that only tells you one story, right?  So I always think that if you can take what your customer is looking for and tie that into hiring, it will get a better result.  Almost reverse engineer the whole process.

So I can basically build that perfect design consultant based on who my customers need.

Then, you realize there are usually three reasons why someone fails.  One might be capability – they just might not have the right skill set to succeed.  The second is training. What’s the onboarding experience look like and how can we make it better? And the third thing is focus – do they have the right focus.  

And the book does a lot of teaching you about the techniques required to overcome these three things.

Again, we invite you to watch the full webinar here, and once you’re done, go get the book at – we’ve read it and it’s great!  It’ll change the way you hire forever, and transform your business.  




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