Use Vacation Vouchers To Differentiate At Home Shows

Apr 22, 2022

Vacation Vouchers are a great way to generate more leads and help you close more in sales from your next home show or events. In fact, our clients have proven this to be true time and time again.

Think of the experience a homeowner has when they go to a crowded show or event. It can be quite challenging for them to find the right contractor, and they know that shows and events can be one of the best places to meet one. They get to meet you in person, test the waters a bit and maybe even feel the product prior to inviting someone into your home to give an assessment and an estimate.  But with so many companies essentially selling the same thing, how does any homeowner know where to start?

We’ve created a turnkey way to help your company differentiate yourself at these crowded events through our Vacation Voucher marketing system. It’s designed to both help drive traffic to the booth and convert them to an appointment right then and there.  Here’s how it works:

  • We start with a pop up banner that asks “Do you like to vacation?”  It creates immediate excitement right there at the booth and reaches the homeowner with an unexpected question that of course they will answer “yes”.
  • Then, we provide customized scratch-offs so that the homeowner can act right then and there to see if they’ve “won a vacation”. The story goes something like this: “For the first 25 customers that we meet here at this event, we are giving a vacation for two! You could win your choice of a seven night stay at a resort or a cruise!” This helps generate the lead and close the appointment right there at the booth.
  • This is then followed by giving the homeowner a form that they take with them to remind them of the great vacation they will receive AT NO ADDITIONAL COST if they decide to make the purchase with you!

It’s that simple.  All of these materials are already created, proven to work and can be customized with your logo!  If you’re ready to learn more, then reach out and connect with us today!




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